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Human Shadow XD by Shadow-McCloud Human Shadow XD :iconshadow-mccloud:Shadow-McCloud 2 1 Shadaze-Shaman King Style by Shadow-McCloud Shadaze-Shaman King Style :iconshadow-mccloud:Shadow-McCloud 13 4 Shadaze-Close to You... by Shadow-McCloud Shadaze-Close to You... :iconshadow-mccloud:Shadow-McCloud 27 4 Shadaze sketch '1' by Shadow-McCloud Shadaze sketch '1' :iconshadow-mccloud:Shadow-McCloud 4 3 Shoutmon+Star Blade by Shadow-McCloud Shoutmon+Star Blade :iconshadow-mccloud:Shadow-McCloud 6 0
MGS-Endless Battle 4
[As Shadow continues to make his way toward Rat Patrol Team's location, he
encounters a patrolling militiaman on another side of a wall. The soldier then
hears some strange sounds coming from a rusty oil drum.]
Militiaman       : Who's there?
[A voice is heard from inside the oil drum.]
???: Go away! I'm not done yet!
[The militiaman begins shaking the oil drum and eventually turns it over to
reveal a hedgehog with his pants halfway off. After staring at each other for a few
seconds, the hedgehog from inside the barrel releases some gas and the militiaman
covers his nose in disgust.]
Militiaman: Stop! Stop right there! Get back here!
[The mysterious masked hedgehog attempts to escape while trying to pull his pants
back up and the militiaman chases after him. Shadow comes out from hiding and
finds a destroyed cardboard to his right and then decides to examine the drum
can. He looks inside and then gives it a sturdy shake and decides to take it.]
:iconshadow-mccloud:Shadow-McCloud 0 1
MGS-Endless Battle 3
[Shadow continues through the streets of the city, aiding militiamen and
eventually finding himself traversing through their underground base. At the
end of this base he discovers a room that houses an APC. Shadow spots an M4
lying on the ground and proceeds toward it. A small monkey drinking a soda
appears when Shadow rounds the corner and he raises his gun in surprise.]
???              : Pretty sweet, huh? Whoa, hold it! Watch where you're
                   pointing that thing.
[Shadow aims his gun at the apparent owner of the monkey. A black man in dressy
jacket and military pants appears before him waving a white cloth.]
Shadow         : Who are you?
???              : Neither enemy, nor friend.
[The man
:iconshadow-mccloud:Shadow-McCloud 0 1
Mature content
MGS-Endless Battle 2 :iconshadow-mccloud:Shadow-McCloud 0 0
MGS-Endless Battle 1
[The story begins with what sounds like a little girl cooking some eggs.]
???              : Only two eggs today? Solidus must have taken the day off.
                   7892590360... 3305305... 4882046652...
[As she begins singing a song of numerical digits, the scene shifts to the
interior of a large plane. Hal "Otacon" Emmerich and an Old black hedgehog are talking with Roy Campbell… the old hedgehog seem to be Shadow]
Campbell         : The Manhattan incident triggered a serious public backlash.
                   Now the US has to think twice before intervening militarily
:iconshadow-mccloud:Shadow-McCloud 0 0
MGS-Endless Battle -Prologue-
The year's 2014, many years have passed since the Shadow Moses Incident…
Liquid Snake, after being hidden in the shadow's for many years, prepares for launching his insurrection. Followed by an army of more than ten-thousand soldiers.
The only hope is a legendary soldier… the one who defeated Liquid long, long ago. Shadow The Hedgehog…Solid Snake.
But…Shadow's body started to age at an incredible speed. Now, old and tired, Shadow must fight a final battle… a battle that will decide the fate of the earth.
Followed by his friends and comrades, Shadow…is going put an end to the battle he and Liquid started in Shadow Moses.
A legendary Soldier…A Final Mission…The Ultimate Sacrifice.
"In his final battle, a hero must stand alone…"
:iconshadow-mccloud:Shadow-McCloud 1 0
MGS: Lightning 'Epilogue'
  [Shadow and Otacon are talking on the Codec.]
Otacon     : Shadow, you there? It's me. I've finished going over that disc.
Shadow      : Did you find the Patriots' list?
Otacon     : Of course. It contains the personal data of twelve people. There
             was a name on it -- Shadow, it was one of our biggest
Shadow      : What's going on around here?
Otacon     : I don't know...
Shadow      : Anyway, where are they?
Otacon     : Well, we were right about them being on Manhattan, but...
Shadow      : But what?
Otacon     : They're already dead. All twelve of them.
:iconshadow-mccloud:Shadow-McCloud 1 0
MGS: Lightning 'Ending'
[A moment later Silver has climbed down from the roof and is standing in a
deserted street. Then people start to appear out of nowhere and walk around.
Nobody takes any notice of him.  Some police officers dash towards Federal
Silver       : Who am I really...
Shadow      : No one quite knows who or what they are.
[Silver spins around to see Shadow standing right beside him.]
Shadow      : The memories you have and the role you were assigned are burdens
             you have to carry. It doesn't matter if they were real or not.
             That's never the point.
Shadow      : There's no such thing in the world as absolute reality. Most of
:iconshadow-mccloud:Shadow-McCloud 3 1
MGS: Lightning 23
[Arsenal begins to move.  The great ship moves underneath the Verrazano Bridge
and heads for Lower Manhattan.  The scene changes.  Solidus and Silver are
falling through the sky.  They both land on the rooftop of a building.  They
both get up and take stock of the scene.  Arsenal has plowed it's way all the
way through Lower Manhattan and they have both landed on top of a building
that they both know...]
Solidus    : Federal Hall!
[Solidus starts to laugh and he throws up his arms.]
Silver       : What are you laughing at?
Solidus    : Do you know what day it is today?
Silver       : ...April 30th?
Solidus    : That's right. George Washington took office as the first
             president of the United States of America 200 years ago
:iconshadow-mccloud:Shadow-McCloud 1 0
MGS: Lightning 22
Ocelot     : Do you know why no bullet could hit you? It wasn't magic or some
             New Age mumbo-jumbo. Certainly wasn't your psychic talents. It
             was all staged by the Patriots.
Fortune    : Staged?
Ocelot     : You were being shielded by the electromagnetic weapons technology
             that the Patriots developed. Your Dead Cell comrades loved your
             father and husband -- we needed a pathetic wretch like you to
             keep them focused. You've been our puppet all along --  just like
:iconshadow-mccloud:Shadow-McCloud 1 0
MGS: Lightning 21
[Silver reaches the top of the ladder and arrives in a huge circular arena
that appears to be out in the open, atop Arsenal perhaps.  he looks around
but sees absolutely nothing.  Suddenly Solidus' voice booms out from
Solidus    : Silver, I've been watching how you fight. It looks like you've
             remembered the way you used to kill in the old days! Or is it one
             of the S3 Plan's proud achievements?
[Silver whirls around wildly and screams.]
Silver       : What are you talking about!?
Solidus    : It came as a complete surprise when Ocelot discovered the S3 data
             from GW. Not a bad idea, though -- using fire to fight fire,
:iconshadow-mccloud:Shadow-McCloud 1 0
MGS: Lightning 20
[Shadow taps his ear, signaling to stay quiet and use his Codec.]
Shadow      : Sorry about earlier. I had to use you as bait to gain access to
             Arsenal. It worked.
Silver       : Why didn't you tell me about Olga?
Shadow      : You never asked.
Silver       : ...
Shadow      : Not happy about that? Get over it.
Silver       : ...any effects of the virus yet?
Shadow      : Still waiting on that.
Silver       : So it was rigged by the Patriots?
Shadow      : Looks like it. From what I can tell, Arsenal is headed for
             Manhattan. I don't know what Solid
:iconshadow-mccloud:Shadow-McCloud 1 0


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Personal Quote: Never give up. Fight until the end. Always believe that you will succeed.
Wow, been out for almost a whole year...sorry for not replying to the comment on my draws, I really appreciate everyone's comments! Thank you very much, people!
I'll be uploading a draw to celebrate my comeback, and to show how much I have improved since last year!

Wow, he estado fuera por casi un año...perdón por no responder a los comentarios en mis dibujos, realmente aprecio los comentarios de todo! Muchas gracias a todos!
Estaré subiendo un dibujo para celebrar my regreso, y para mostrar cuanto he mejorado desde el año pasado!
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